Lava Claims Final Home in Royal Gardens

Fate has finally caught up with the man who has outlasted all his less fortunate neighbors in the Royal Gardens subdivision, which has been obliterated by lava flows from the east rift of Kilauea volcano.

The home of “Lava” Jack Thompson, which at one time served as an off the beaten path destination for tourists looking for a one-of-a-kind encounter, has been destroyed. A fast moving lava flow from the Pu`u O`o crater four miles up slope invaded the forested kipuka surrounding his home on Friday night.

Thompson and lava photographer Leigh Hilbert were airlifted out of town by Paradise Helicopters just before nightfall, as the lava was an estimated 100 feet from the home.

 You will find an account of the final moments at Jack’s house on Hilbert’s Hawaiian Lava Daily blog.
Watch the video!

Lava in Halemaumau Crater

Aloha! Check out this video of the latest volcanic activity at Halemaumau Crater, on the Big Island. Spectacular!